1. Get a bunch of guys together.
  2. Think up a good name for your Field Office.
  3. Fill out your charter and hang it proudly.
  4. Start reading.  Rate the books on this site.  Recommend more of your favorites.
  5. Adapt the Guys Read principles to fit your location (home/classroom/library/bookstore).
  6. Let us know what you are up to. Email us with your Field Office name, location, and what you are doing.  We’ll share good Guys Read ideas . . . and put you on the Guys Read Global Map.

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Who are you? Where are you located? What you are doing? Email us with news of your Field Office.

And check out the other Guys Read field office on the Global Map.


Some great Guys Read programs around the country:

Hennepin County Library, MN

Literacy Council of Alaska

Loudon County Library, VA

Guys Read