We Could Be Brothers

Derrick Barnes

“Two thirteen-year-old boys become friends during a three day stint in an after-school suspension. They were both involved in two unrelated incidents with the same person, the resident menace at Alain Locke Middle School, Tariq Molten. Robeson Battlefield is from a two-parent household, where both parents are highly successful and educated. Academic achievement, social consciousness and responsibility are reinforced daily in the Battlefield household. Pacino Clapton comes from a single parent household; his mom works two fulltime jobs. Pacino has a ton of responsibilities, including cutting hair to help pay bills, and taking care of his twin five-year-old sisters. During this three day span the young men visit each others home, and ‘chop it up’ on a multitude of subjects including respect of self and women, the dire state of hip-hop music, and masculinity. Before long, the three boys are on a collision course. And when they do intersect, their lives are changed forever. We Could be Brothers addresses the presence and lack of positive male leadership in the home and how they dictate the way young African American men view themselves, each other, and the world around them. Mentorship, brotherhood, and an emphasis on that old adage ‘each-one-teach-one’ are very real and tangible themes in this new YA literary masterpiece.” —an enthusiastic reader like you


Page Count 176
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 10 — up

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