We All Looked Up

Tommy Wallach

As a meteor hurls towards Earth with a 66.6% chance of making humanity go the way of the dinosaurs, Peter, Eliza, Andy, and Anita find themselves in a Karass—the term coined by the writer Kurt Vonnegut meaning a group of seemingly disconnected people who end up connected through circumstances or happenings on a spiritual or thematic level.


Peter’s your straight-laced athletic type who’s an in-between for his parents and his younger wild-child sister. He’s going through a break-up with his high school sweetheart. And ever since a one-time hook-up in the photo lab a year ago, longing for the interesting and individualistic Eliza.


Eliza’s your loner-type. Mom long gone, dad dying of cancer, she sticks to herself, goes out drinking or wandering around feeding her photography passion. When she starts a photo blog that chronicles the end-of-the-world from their small corner, she finds a new visibility on a large platform, and with it a feeling of responsibility and purpose.


Andy’s your stoner burn-out type, never aimed for much, always been happy just going with the flow, hanging with his friends, and playing in their punk band. Until death is coming from huge space rock. Then he yearns for a quest. Sets his sights on Eliza, who he’s always had a crush on.


Anita’s your rich-girl overachiever type whose life has always been planned, with expectations high. The looming meteor makes her run away from home and for once, follow her heart to raise her voice and sing for people.


But what do types even mean when you’ve got a meteor hurling towards you and everyone you’ve ever loved and the world is rapidly devolving?


Wallach has written a realistic handling of the question of what we’d all do if faced with extinction, the kind of book that makes you think some deep things about what any of it means, while amusing the heck out of you with its escalating end-of-the-world scenario. 


And come on, who hasn’t thought about how well they’d fare in the event of an apocalypse?


And, BONUS: Wallach is definitely a wunderkind—you can download the album he wrote to accompany his book. 

Page Count 370
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 14 — up

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