Warriors (Series)

Erin Hunter

Here’s what some enthusiastic readers had to say:


“You might think that cats are nice and soft but this series will change your mind.”


“The book is about a common house cat who wanders into the forest next to
his owners home. He then finds 4 clans of cats, each with their own stretch
of forest, and their own leaders. Will Rusty (later Firepaw) become one of
the greatest Warriors of Clan history, or will he end up being banished from
the forest?”


“I am a guy who loves this series. It is about 4 clans of cats
Thunderclan,Windclan,Shadowclan and Riverclan who fight,hunt
and protect their clan uniting only on a full moon at the


“These adventures about different clans of cats are fun to read.”


“There are cats who kill. This is a good book because it has a lot of feline fighting action.”

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