The Zero Degree Zombie Zone

Patrik Henry Bass

Baraki Katari Johnson is having a bad day—his best and only friend, the positive and encouraging Wardell signed him up for the class hall monitor election, and there’s only one other candidate: golden boy Tariq Thomas, the kid everybody loves, who’s been the class hall monitor, unchallenged, for years. Baraki doesn’t even think most of the class knows he exists. Except for Keisha: Tariq’s best friend and Baraki’s new nemesis. She immediately begins her behind-the-teacher’s-back campaign to trash talk Baraki until he steps out of the race. But he can’t. Because that would mean doing something, and he has trouble taking a stand, either way - Baraki prefers to let things just pass and happen and resolve themselves.


That’s not an option when while on the way to the bathroom he’s yanked through a portal out of this dimension and into the Zero Degree Zombie Zone, where Ice Zombie Lord Zenon towers over Baraki and informs him he’d better get his ring back by the end of the day, or he’ll have to unleash an army of zombies onto the school to take it back!


Baraki doesn’t even know what this ring is, let alone how to get it and hand it over. But he’s going to have to figure that out, and also maybe find a way to team up him and Wardell with Keisha and Tariq if they’re going to have a chance at stopping Zenon from unleashing the ice zombie invasion on their school!


Journalist and sought after public speaker and expert on public culture and the arts Patrick Henry Bass’s middle grade novel debut is a playful action-packed adventure filled with characters that feel straight from a real-life classroom.


Illustrator Jerry Craft
Page Count 144
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 8 — 12

This book is . . .