The Wednesday Wars

Gary Schmidt

“A seventh grade boy finds that he is the only student in his Long Island school who does not leave for religious education classes on Wednesday afternoons and he’s pretty sure his teacher hates him because of it…”


“Gary Schmidt is the best author you’ve never heard of, unless you follow the Newbery Awards. His stories are packed with voice, hilarity, and coming-of-age realities.”


“It’s funny, told in a believable boy’s voice, and deals with friendship, bullying, prejudice, growing up, family issues, and the Vietnam War. Our family (boys aged 8 & 11) read most of this on a long car ride and hated putting the book down.”


“I picked this up at the library for my twelve year old son. He brought it to me and said ‘Thank you, I loved it.’ The book alternates between hilarious scenarios like escaped rats roaming school to serious themes such as alienation from family.”


—enthusiastic readers like you


Page Count 264
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 12 — up

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