Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1, The Lightening Thief

Rick Riordan

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"My 8 year old son read the entire Percy Jackson series over the course of a few weeks. These are the books that took him from being a boy who could read to being a reader who loves books."


"Great action involving young boy whose dad is Poisedion and mom is mortal. First of five books in this popular series. Involves war, explosions, adventure, monsters, you name it."


"It makes non-historical liking kids into myth-loving kids by showing them that historical lives can be be very much like your own modern lives."


"This is the first in a series about a boy named Percy Jackson. He discovers he is a 'half-blood' which means one parent is a Greek god and the other parent is a mortal, so he has special powers, and because of all this, someone is after him... My son loves this book, and the rest of the series! These books hooked him and now he loves to find a good series of books and read them all! There is also a spin-off series Heroes of Olympus by the same author. Check them out!"


"I have found that my 8th graders (especially my boys that typically don't like to read) cannot put them down. If I get them hooked on the first one, they will dive into the entire series. There is action, humor, life and problems of a teenager to relate to, family/home problems or struggles to relate to, girls (and how they make middle level boys feel). An excellent series to get boys reading."


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Genre Fantasy
Page Count 1032
Part of a Series? Yes
Age Level 9 — 12

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