Star Wars Jedi Academy Book 2: Return of the Padawan

Jeffrey Brown

New York Times best selling author Jeff Brown continues his unique spin on the grand space epic of the Star Wars universe, focusing in on a silly and smart slice-of-life portrait of a group of Jedi hopefuls. The hard-earned confidence from his initial year at Jedi Academy quickly fades as Roan Novachez enters his second year, which holds a whole new slew of challenges. Asides from how hard flight simulation is, his personal life is getting complicated: things have gotten weird between him and his best friend Pasha, and they get weirder when he goes for a sleepover to Pasha’s home planet for the weekend and it feels like Pasha’s dad hates him; and Roan has a growing crush on Gaiana, but is it just him, or is she avoiding him all of a sudden? And why are the jerks who used to bully him being really nice to him all of a sudden? Well, at least with teachers like Yoda, he’s certain to figure out how to use the force and solve some of these problems.

Illustrator Jeffrey Brown
Page Count 176
Part of a Series? Yes
Age Level 8 — 12

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