Aaron Starmer

High school is hard enough without your classmates randomly blowing up and splattering you with their guts. But that’s exactly what’s happening at Covington high. And Mara Caryle is right in the middle of it. Trying to figure out boys—one in particular—and other normal things, on top of trying to avoid blowing up. Everybody is wondering—why is this happening? Are they bringing it on themselves? Is something evil behind this? The government? A corporation? Or an evil person, willing this to happen? Or, is it just…random. Whatever it is, kids keep exploding. And the town in desending into chaos.


This is that great kind of book where there are metaphors and allegories in there, if you want to find and think about them, or you can just go with this wild and kind of bonkers story that has lots of humor and is all tied together with a realism that really puts you in these characters’ shoes and makes you think about your own life—and what you’d do if you knew you might be leaving beahind nothing but a bit of goo in those shoes at any moment.

Page Count 368
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 12 — up

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