Gordon Korman

Just one time is all it took. One time, Cameron was so distracted by the video game he was playing and almost let a casserole burn the house down—JUST ONE TIME, and his parents freak out, DEMANDING he participate in more activities.


So he starts a club at school with a couple other slackers/friends. The Positive Action Group. The whole point is to be a front. So that it looks like they are doing something (taking POSITIVE ACTIONS), while in fact they are doing nothing. The problem is when other non-slacker kids start showing up. Like this girl Daphne. And they actually want to do like activities and plan big things.


We hear about a lot of gamer guys who would love to read more books that embrace gamer culture. This is that book. And it’s no fluke that Gordon Korman is a favorite at Guys Read and in countless schools and libraries—this, his latest, holds up the standard people have come to anticipate each new book with. It’s fast, funny, and smart. There’s many reasons we love this one, and think you will too.

Page Count 240
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 9 — up

This book is . . .