Sara Pennypacker

Pax and Peter have a close bond ever since Pax’s family was killed and Peter rescued him. But when Peter’s father enlists, he sends Peter to live with his grandfather and orders him to send Pax out into the wild, to leave him behind.


Oh yeah, Pax is a fox.


Once at his grandfather’s, Peter realizes he can’t live without his best friend Pax. He sets off into the woods to find him. Pax is also trying to find Peter, aided on his journey by other foxes and woodland creatures.


But war is coming. And the world is full of violence and dangers.


Pax is a powerful story about nature and loyalty and what it means to let others tame you or make you wild. Guys Read favorite Jon Klassen’s beautiful illustrations help tell this unique story told in alternating viewpoints of the fox and the boy as they try to find their ways back to each other.


It’s definitely a bit heavy, one that might need to be discussed afterwards.


Illustrator Jon Klassen
Page Count 304
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 9 — up

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