No Place

Todd Strasser

Dan was used to worrying about his girlfriend’s moods or the stress of the baseball season and hoping for the best college scholarship, but now both his parents have lost their jobs, their home, and they have to live in a tent city called Dignityville. Now his worries are about his depressed dad sneaking around alleys to collect cans from garbage cans, and the social stigmas and inner conflicts of being homeless. Without staying caught up in the darkness of the subjects, Strasser has written a novel primer for younger readers covering hard contemporary conflicts and concepts like what happens if people lose their sense of purpose, the layers of shame in claiming the less-than-ideal circumstances more people are finding themselves in, finding ways to take back the power through education and peaceful protest, and the growing need for sustainable communities. Full of complex and ambivalent morals and alliances, No Place takes a look at what people do when they’re desperate and have to find a way to make things work for themselves, and maybe even as part of a larger community.

Page Count 272
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 12 — up

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