Next Up at Fenway, : A Story of High School, Hope and Lindos Suenos

Steve Marantz

"This inspiring book is by an ESPN Producer. It's the true story of Marcos Baez, whose public high school, Fenway High--next to Fenway Park--was his best hope of a college education and a better life. Inspired by his daily view of the ballpark and mentored by the Red Sox Foundation, Baez turned his passion for baseball into a love of learning in his quest for a path to college. As a child, Marcos' first exposure to baseball came through a neighborhood team, sponsored by the Foundation's RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program. As a Fenway High School junior, Marcos was chosen for the Foundation's Lindos Sueños program, which paired up American and Dominican teens for baseball and community service in the Dominican Republic. From Lindos Sueños, Marcos found his voice for the essay he would use to apply to college. Author and journalist Steve Marantz spent a year in the classrooms and hallways of Fenway High, alongside Marcos Baez, his classmates, and teachers. With unlimited access, Marantz has chronicled the soul and intellect of one of America's most amazing and unusual schools. A story of culture and empowerment, Next Up at Fenway explores what one youth can accomplish against all odds to become an inspiration to his community and Latino youth everywhere." --an enthusiastic reader like you


Page Count 213
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 13 — up

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