Man Made Boy

Jon Skovron

Boy knows that he looks like a monster—he’s a hulking assembly of sewn-together parts, the son of Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride. He’s lived his whole life so far within the confines of an off-Broadway theater off of Times Square that acts as a haven for all the monsters, ghouls, faeries, wood nympths, trolls, and mythological and otherworldly creatures. But what protects them from the outside world also keeps them isolated, and Boy, an insanely talented hacker, is tired of the internet being his only connection to the unknown world outside. So he starts finding ways to venture out and attempt to blend in, to see if there’s a place for people like him in the world, and to see if he can convince people that he’s not the monster he looks like to them, when he knows he’s so much more.

Man Made Boy has it all—a thumping pulse, a funny bone, a big heart, and a lot of nerve! 

Page Count 368
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 12 — up

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