I Kill the Mockingbird

Paul Acampora

You don’t need to be a book lover to love this book about book lovers.


Lucy, Elana, and Michael head into their last summer before high school after quite a year: one of their favorite teachers died of a heart-attack while in line for french-fries, Lucy’s Peeps-loving Mom almost died from cancer, and life is starting to get really complicated even in the day to day. Elana knows Michael like-likes Lucy, and Lucy like-likes Michael, but both are afraid to risk hurting their lifelong friendship.


They want to spend summer doing what they do best: hanging out, making jokes, watching Michael kill it at baseball (and for Micheal, killing it at baseball), and…reading books.


They are those kids. Who don’t dread summer reading lists, who read what’s required and keep going.


None of their other classmates seem that interested in reading in the summer, though. So Lucy, Elana, and Michael decide to see if they can change that. They figure, everybody wants to do a forbidden thing. So, start the webstie, and slip fliers for it in the bookstore and library shelves where the book should be found, but is gone, hidden by them elsewhere in the store or library. What starts as a cute and impulsive little idea spreads over the course of the summer into a beast they can’t control, thanks to the internet. Copies of To Kill a Mockingbird are soon disappearing from bookstores and libraries all over the country! People are stealing some, too, which is the opposite of their intention. The three friends have become “radicals, rebels, and literary terrorists.”


They started this as a fun way to get others to read, but has it turned into something bad? Is there a way they can regain control over what they started? And will Lucy’s Mom be alright, now that she’s survived cancer and has a second chance at life? And will Lucy and Michael be able to admit they like-like each other before high school changes all of their lives? This is a great book about people who care for each other and drive each other crazy figuring out how to go with the flow as life changes how it looks while it changes them in ways they are just starting to know.


And, book lovers will get a special treat as the tale unfolds in bookstores and libraries of all kinds with a slew of characters who think and breathe books. 

Page Count 163
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 9 — up

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