I Don’t Like Koala

Sean Ferrell and Charles Santoso

Ever have a creepy stuffed animal? Maybe given to you by someone? One that you couldn’t get rid of?


From the second his parents give Adam the stuffed koala, he hates it. It’s creepy. It’s “the most terrible terrible” to him. He tries to hide it in far corners of his room when he goes to bed each night. BUT WHEN HE WAKES UP IN THE MORNING, IT IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM ON HIS PILLOW.


This is one seriously creepy koala, and one masterful picture book that’s a perfect blend of funny and creepy, and both great as a bed time read or a story-time group book. This one will have kids shouting, and quite possibly both hating and loving the creepy, HORRIBLE koala.

Page Count 40
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 3 — up

This book is . . .