How to Get Suspended and Influence People

Adam Selzer

“Leon Harris: Here’s a very real young guy who, through his junior high hi-jinks is searching - albeit fumbling - for meaning, trying to express the beliefs he’s slowly realizing he has.

The assignment: each of the students in “the giften pool” are to make an educational video to be shown to the younger students. Drawing on memories of the guilt that come with raging and confusing hormones that result from all the ordinary secrets the adults around him cling to, from no one ever really just telling him the basics, from the worry that the sexual feelings a guy has that he worries are weird because he doesn’t know every guy has ‘em - young Leon decides to take those answers he had to figure out the hard way and cram them in a sex ed. film - but to make it really artsy and “avant-garde” because then you can say its art and people aren’t supposed to be mad at you if it’s art.

He’s in for a crash-course in some of our society’s pitfalls.

I heartily recomend this one. I was reminded of the fumbling, innocent, emerging way of thinking and figuring things out on your own.”—Brandon Will (Guys Read Assistant)


Page Count 192
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 12 — up

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