Frank Einstein, And the Antimatter Motor

Jon Scieszka

When we meet Frank Einstein he's in his garage lab listening to the time between thunder and lighting to guage it's distance so he can time it perfectly to bring his robot to life. Oh yeah -- Frank Einstein is a genius inventor and an eccentric oddball. And he's a kid. He's lucky he's got someone who understands him in his wise, eccentric oddball Grandpa Al (no, not THAT Al Einstein). Frank has got to invent the best thing he's ever invented and win the science fair so he can save Grandpa Al's shop from debt. He's got the help of his trusty best friend Watson, who eats like a horse but somehow looks like a beanpole.

His experiment doesn't go exactly as planned -- the robot he was trying to make using a biophysical model (trust us -- the book makes all these science facts and theories that seem like they don't make sense, make sense) turns into two robots that assemble themselves. So with his two new robot assistants, Klink and Klank, as well as Watson, Frank sets out to perfect his antimatter motor for his flying bike.

But not if his jealous nemesis, T. Edison, gets his way. T. Edison is a kid who is as ambitious and ruthless as Frank is brilliant. And T. Edison has a sidekick, too: an ape, Mr. Chimp, who wears pants and a shirt and a tie, and talks in sign language (which is illustrated in the book, too). 

Frank's quest brings the scientific method and the principles behind the Large Haldron Collider to life, as well as all kinds of other formulas and scientific theories. And it tackles some of the greatest questions a scientist must ask themselves, like: just because you CAN invent something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Or does it? Also there is a good amount of things being smashed and also karate chops.

Illustrator Brian Biggs
Page Count 192
Part of a Series? Yes
Age Level 8 — 12

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