Divided We Fall

Trent Reedy

Seventeeen-year-old Private First Class Daniel Christopher Wright just got back from basic training in the Army National Guard reserves and is eager to get back to his real life: senior year, playing football, hanging out with friends—and waiting, ring purchased, for the right time to pop the question to his awesome girlfriend.


Then, improbably, he’s called in to report for duty, given a gun, and sent in to a crowd control unit at a protest in downtown Idaho that’s getting out of control. It gets even more out of control when Daniel accidentally fires the first shot that brings the situation into complete chaos that quickly spreads from the city to the State capitol to the rest of the country.


Reedy fully realizes a very possible near future—shown to us on a broad scale in glimpses through radio, social media, and TV broadcasts—where the country is becoming more divided than ever. He presents a wide array of characters, taking on a variety of hot-button and very real issues evenly and fascinatingly. This book puts you right there with Daniel in the fist fights, car chases, rodeo riding, chaotic riots and escalating danger as what started as a bad situation spirals wildly out of control, and it looks like our country is headed towards another Civil War.


This one’s a for-sure conversation starter.


Page Count 384
Part of a Series? Yes
Age Level 13 — up

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