Better Nate Than Ever

Tim Federle

Now here’s a kid we can root for, and relate to—Nate’s always been an outsider in his small Pennyslvania town. He’s been beat-up, teased, and called names so long he can’t even say his own without stuttering. But he doesn’t let that stop him hatching an elaborate plan to audition for a Broadway show, to try to escape the life’s he’s had so far that he’s not crazy about, and chase a dream all the way to New York City. His being thirteen and having no money doesn’t stop him—he finds a way to sneak away, hop on a bus, and get to loud, smelly NYC—where he finds out that was the easy part. But in a city with cupcake shops on every corner and every variety of person from intruiging and inspiring to downright horrifying, he starts to feel more at home than he’s ever felt back home. And once he actually gets to the audition, it turns out that there may be people in the world who actually appreciate him for who he is.

This is one of those rare books that’s perfect. So true to life, so honest, Nate’s narration of his tale will have you laughing out loud and smiling and feeling some feelings.

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Genre Comedy, Drama (Dramedy)
Page Count 275
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 9 — 13

This book is . . .