All American Boys

Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

Rashid and Quinn are seniors at the same high school, and both wondering what comes next.

Quinn’s worked his whole life for this basketball season when college scouts will be attending, the key to his future in their hands. Since his dad died in Afghanistan, he’s had to live up to his dad’s legendary-neighborhood status, but, “I wasn’t him. I’d never be him. But I was still supposed to try. That was my role: the dutiful son, the All-American boy with an All-American fifteen-foot deadeye jump shot and an All-American 3.5 GPA.”

Rashid is in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. His dad is “one of those dudes who feels like there’s no better opportunity for a black boy in this country than to join the army.” But Rashid is more interested in art, in drawing, in putting life to pictures. On friday night, Rashid dips in a corner store for some chips. And through circumstance and history America keeps re-living, he leaves the corner store being thrown into the cement by a police officer and beaten. He ends up in the hospital with cracked ribs and a broken nose.

And Quinn saw the whole thing.

Soon people are picking teams, and picking sides.

And futures are at stake, and more futures than theirs.

This engaging, timely novel co-authored by celebrated (and GR favorite) authors Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely is perfect to spurn thoughts and discussion for young people trying to make sense of a lot of recent current events.

Page Count 312
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 11 — up

This book is . . .