Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Brandon Sanderson

This is one we hear about again and again from guys and librarians all over.

Here’s what some of them had to say:


“A 13 year old hero with an incredible talent…for breaking things discovers his destiny: a life-or-death mission…to rescue a bag of sand, accompanied by a fearsome threat from a powerful secret network…the evil Librarians.”


“This book grabs you then keeps you with it’s humor, great characters, and terrific writing style. And silly magic.”


“My eight year old son found this book at our library this summer and his world stopped until he finished it. Then he begged me and my husband to read it, too. We loved it! So many ideas in this book are so orginal and interesting (i.e. all the good guys in the book have the names of various prisons). The book was smart, funny, and totally appropriate for my son. It just fit him.”


“Alcatraz Smedry has a talent for breaking stuff, and it’s always been a terrible thing for him, until the day he a) inherits a bag of sand on his 13th birthday, and b) meets his Grandpa Smedry. Only, a group of Evil Librarians want this sand to smelt it into powerful glasses, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. The series includes swordfights, strange talents, battles against sentient romance novels, and of course, breaking stuff.”


“At once a serious science fiction fantasy adventure, AND also a send-up of science fiction fantasy adventures. Witty, imaginative, and fast-moving, this book and the rest of the series are loved by boys at the Castro Elementary Library in Mountain View, CA.”


“Every boy that I’ve recommended this book to has loved it (male librarian here). Smart-alecky boys will especially like it as the main character is a smart aleck. Of course, fantasy/ sci-fi buffs will be into it because of the whole secret worlds and secret societies guarded by evil librarians.”


“Random things happen in this book, and the hero has awesome talent!”


Part of a Series? Yes
Age Level 11 — 12 — 13 — 14 — 15 — up

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