Ryan Gattis

Grey is done with feeling numb and in-between and unseen. Living with his Aunt in the aftermath of a grizzly family tragidy, he’s in a new state, town, school—new life. He respects his hard-working Aunt. But she just doesn’t understand. It’s not just that he feels alive when riding motorbikes with his new friends. After a childhood of BMX riding, he took right to it. And these new friends aren’t playing around. They’re serious riders, taking on dangerous stunts. Because to them, it’s about more than the riding. It’s about feeling that they matter when they’re unseen or vilified in the media and world at large so often. And with their bikes and cameras and growing youtube notoriety they have a chance to say something. To really say something. And to be seen.


But at what cost? And the police have it our for them. And the police are closing in.


A timely book that is definitely for older readers. It’s sure to lead to great discussions.

Page Count 320
Part of a Series? No
Age Level 13 — up

This book is . . .