Top of the Order

John Coy


Jackson’s mom is dating. Gig’s dad is going to serve in the Middle East. Isaac might be going to a new school. Diego spends his spare time working. These four friends lead different lives, but on the baseball field, they’re a strong team—the top of the order. As their last year of elementary school ends, the boys want to have their best baseball season ever. But this year, they might not even have enough players to stay in the league. Then a great player volunteers to join the team. But it’s a girl! And she plays with a pink glove! Now the team is coming apart at the seams. Will this end up being the worst season ever?


The 4 for 4 series come by way of our Minnesotan Guys Readers.

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Genre Sports
Page Count 208
Part of a Series? Yes
Age Level 11 — 12 — up

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